These are best eaten by a fireplace. In a ski lodge. While wearing a hand-knit sweater. 
Hot Cocoa Hershey Kisses
Credit: Courtesy of Hershey's

It's been ten years since Hershey's Kisses launched a new seasonal flavor—white chocolate Candy Cane Kisses first came out in 2008, around the same time we discovered the joys of Rick Rolling. But now, the candy company is back with an all new winter Kiss—hot cocoa!

"Wait, how are hot cocoa-flavored Kisses different than regular chocolate ones?" is a question you might have. First of all, thank you so much for asking. While the outer layer is your standard Hershey's milk chocolate, hot cocoa Kisses are filled with marshmallow-flavored creme. Also, they're dressed up like they're going to a holiday party, in festive metallic brown foil printed with tiny marshmallows.

Hot Cocoa Kisses—along with Candy Cane Kisses and regular Hershey's Kisses in limited-edition red and green wrappers—will be available at retailers nationwide starting Thursday, November 1. We suspect that they'd be delicious dropped into a mug of actual steaming hot cocoa, preferably one you drink while sitting in front of a roaring fireplace. In a ski lodge. While wearing a hand knit sweater and possibly Uggs.

This seasonal flavor is the latest in a long list of new spins on classic candies. Snickers is releasing three creamy, nut butter-centric flavors—Almond Butter, Maple Almond Butter, and Peanut Butter—in January 2019, all of which will be sans crunchy peanuts and nougat (though the caramel gets to stay). And 3 Musketeers recently jumped on the funfetti-flavored bandwagon with a new "birthday cake" version filled with rainbow sprinkles (it's only available at Walmart for now, but is set to launch nationwide on January 19). Meanwhile, Mars is coming out with a new milk chocolate candy bar studded with M&M's minis this December, in five flavors (peanut, plain, crispy, almond, and crispy mint). What we're saying is, forget Halloween—Chrismukkah is shaping up to be the biggest candy holiday of 2018.