By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 03, 2016
Kanye West
Credit: © Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images

Last night, New York City played host to the Met Gala. Of course, since there was a red carpet, Kim Kardashian was there. (She should really just nail red carpet to the bottom of her shoes.) And since Kim Kardashian was there, Kanye West was also in attendance.

As is typically the case with these kinds of events, journalists like former Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley were also clogging up the entranceway asking extremely hard-hitting questions like, “What’s Iceland like? What can you eat in Iceland?” Though it’s the kind of question I’m sure any Hollywood blowhard would be happy to educate us on, Talley was actually referencing a recent trip to the island nation by Kimye.

Choosing to answer with two of Iceland’s most signature dishes, Kardashian responded, “Horse or reindeer.” Inevitably, Talley followed up with “How’s reindeer taste?” It was a flawless set up for West’s locked and loaded punchline, “It tastes like Christmas.”

Now to be fair, Kanye is a dad now, and as far as dad jokes go, that ain’t too bad, especially off the cuff. Is it as good as Yeezus? Definitely not. Though it does seem like the joke may be more fully conceived than The Life of Pablo – assuming he doesn’t continue to tell a similar version of the joke in a bunch of slightly different forms. Though maybe the joke is a “living breathing changing creative expression”? Who knows?

Oh, I’m also still not 100 percent sure what reindeer meat tastes like.