By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 22, 2016
© @ibrewcoffee / instagram

When it comes to rainbow foods, the buck’s gotta stop somewhere (maybe). Sure, you can have rainbow-colored dough for bagels and rainbow-colored cheese for grilled cheese, but not everything edible can hitch a ride across the sky to the food-trend-pot-of-gold that is making your food look like unicorn vomit. Some things simply can’t be rainbow-ized, right?

Like coffee for instance. Coffee is black: the absence of color. You can’t coax color to exist within a black beverage. Maybe that’s true, but you can plop colored foam on top of a black beverage, and thus rainbow coffee – or, more precisely, the rainbow latte – is born.

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Barista Mason Salisbury who works at the Las Vegas coffee shop Sambalatte has become the king of rainbow coffee on Instagram, posting photos and videos of many of his colorful latte art creations to the site. By his own admission, he jumped on the rainbow trend very recently, trying his first attempt at a multichromatic cup just a week ago. And it was a learning process. “I got dye all over my hands lol,” he wrote.

But it didn’t take long for him to start whipping up psychedelic style lattes left and right and flooding social media with his creations. Apparently, there isn’t a ton to the process: Just foam and food coloring. But the results are definitely more stunning than your average brown and white latte art. But this has to be it right? We’ve rainbowed everything. And that means one thing: Rainbow food pop up. Who’s got $10,000 worth of food coloring they want to donate?