Helicopter into Australia's Barossa Valley and create your own blend.

Credit: © Dragan Radocaj

Well-heeled wine lovers, there's a new way to spend your dedicated bottle dollars: Lay claim to your own row of vines and create your own custom red wine blend—to the tune of $100,000.

That's the offer from Australian producer St. Hugo, where The Sainthood Fine Wine Experience offers the luxurious opportunity to purchase a row of vines on the Barossa Valley property—which will be named after the customer, of course—and then allows him or her to create a custom red blend alongside its chief winemaker.

The experience takes three days, and also includes a chartered helicopter flight to the vineyard, a private tour of St. Hugo, wine tastings in an underground cellar, and luxury accommodations complete with fine dining experiences, for two people.

Long after the customer has left and his or her custom blend has matured, a bottle's worth of the wine will be poured into a hand-blown Australian artisan glass vessel, then kept in a sealed vault, accessible only with the customer's fingerprint.

But that won't be the only bottle the customer will receive: St. Hugo will mail a steady wine supply to him or her over three years. And if the customer should want to celebrate an auspicious occasion—say, an anniversary or a birthday—a St. Hugo ambassador will travel to his or her home with a bottle to offer a toast in person.

Of course, if The Sainthood Fine Wine Experience is a little too rich for your tastes, St. Hugo offers two less expensive experiences: The Legacy Wine Experience for $3,500, and The Prestige Wine Experience for $25,000. (Email St. Hugo for details.) Or, you know, you could just take the vineyard's $50 tour and grab a bottle to go.