The star of Netflix's revival series hosted some of the cooking segment in Japanese.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 13, 2019
bento box twin peaks themed
Credit: Stephane Cardinale - Corbis / Getty Images

Themed bento boxes – the small packaged Japanese meals – aren’t uncommon. In fact, if you flip that idea around, it can actually be hard to find a theme that hasn’t been bento-ed. Star Wars, Super Mario, Minions, Angry Birds, Wallace & Gromit, SpongeBob SquarePants, Legend of Zelda, Harry Potter, Cars and Snorlax are just some of the pop culture phenomenon you find have been repurposed as prepackaged lunches when you search “themed bento boxes.” But as you can see, not everything necessarily lends itself to bento box material. Most of the co-opted concepts tend to be for kids. For instance, “Apocalypse Now bento box” doesn’t yield a single Google search result.

Along those lines, a Twin Peaks-themed bento box would seem like a bit of an odd choice. The somewhat surreal David Lynch TV drama that has recently been revived with a third season over 25 years after its initial run aired can be tricky to digest mentally, let alone as a lunch. And yet, to promote the show’s impending return to Japanese television, the Tokyo-based network Wowow brought in none other than star Kyle MacLachlan to make – yes – a Twin Peaks-themed bento box.

The results are, in themselves, almost surreal enough to feel like they belong on an episode of Twin Peaks. MacLachlan, in a very deadpan manner, hosts the short one-minute clip between cutaways to the recipe, which is essentially a hamburger patty served with a side of rice. Apparently, the “Twin Peaks” part is that the patty is topped with what appears to be a coffee mug-shaped slice of cheese. Because, well, they drink a lot of coffee on the show.

But in all honesty, I don’t know enough about either Twin Peaks or the Japanese language to give a completely fair evaluation of just how well this particular bento box fits the show. But then again, not quite understanding what's going on… that is very Twin Peaks.

[h/t Food52]