By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 24, 2015
Credit: © Mike Marsland / Getty Images

When you want an awesome recipe for breakfast, who do you turn to? That’s right, Hollywood actors!

But don’t just settle for any old actor. Tiffani Amber Thiessen seems like a lovely gal, but I prefer to take my cooking advice from a thespian with a little more gravitas. I think the Cooking Channel had to give her a show because she ran out of made-for-TV movies to shoot.

Now Ian McKellen – there’s an actor! Tony award winner. Two time Oscar nominee. User of massive amounts of butter in his scrambled eggs.

Here he is teaching you his preferred method for making breakfast and like pretty much everything he does in front of a camera, it’s totally entertaining.

Here’s the plan: Tomorrow morning, you whip up Saturday breakfast for your loved one. You make these eggs. They are obviously awesome (because if Sir Ian McKellen said it, it is obviously true) Your significant other fawns over the amazing meal. They’re like, “Where did you learn to make eggs like this?” Then you –being super coy – can say, “Oh, it’s a little recipe I picked up from my friend…Ian McKellen.” Mission accomplished.