By Aly Walansky
Updated March 02, 2016

It’s truly a Brave New World of confections.

Candylicious is a candy store in Dubai that is the world’s first that allows visitors to design and print out their own candy. The 3D printing system can be completely customized to the specifications of anyone with a sweet tooth.

This concept was actually invented in Germany by candy-maker Katjes,

who actually launched an online version of the service in January. However, the sweet shop in Dubai will offer candy lovers a chance to go see their candy printed in person.

Kids can design their candy creation – be it a heart, a puppy, or whatever their imagination conjures – on iPads before watching the source of their sugar rush printed out minutes later.

“You get varied tastes and nationalities in Dubai and therefore it was perfect for us to partner with Candylicious,” Melissa Snover, managing director for Katjes told 7Days. “The people of Dubai have a ‘sweet tooth’ and are always interested in the latest tech innovations—a great place to present the Magic Candy Factory.”

Even better, the 3D printed fruit candy is slated to have a shop in the U.S. come May.