By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 30, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of IKEA

It’s a question no normal person has ever asked before: What would happen if I cut a hole in the top of a watermelon and poured liquefied molten aluminum in there? The good news, however, is that YouTube is filled with people who are far from normal, so if that bizarre inquiry suddenly piqued your interest, now you can watch the results.

The Backyard Scientist is a relatively popular YouTube channel. Up until this week, he had struck viral gold once before, getting over 1.7 million views by pouring molten aluminum into a pool. Possibly trying to replicate that metallic success, this “scientist” (I put the word in quotes because he pours metal into swimming pools) tried to conjure up another watery item to pour molten aluminum into. As he says in the video description, “I don't know why my brain jumped to watermelon, but I’m glad it did.” Hey, we all have our favorite fruits.

The results are practically artistic. The liquid aluminum found its way through little channels in the watermelon before solidifying into a shiny watermelon skeleton. The resulting cast of a watermelon’s innards probably wouldn’t look half bad on your mantle. And you could definitely pass it off in any number of modern art galleries.

Now the question becomes what other fruits can we pour molten aluminum into? My favorite fruit is the blueberry. That one might be a bit tricky.