By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 01, 2016
Credit: © Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

Ray Kurzweil is known owns many titles: futurist, author, inventor, genius, kinda crazy person. He’s also become the posterchild for the “singularity,” briefly summed up as the moment that artificial intelligence is capable of improving itself autonomously, it would also provide technological advancements that could allow people – possibly Kurzweil included – to live forever.

But just how “near” the singularity actually is remains up for debate. Kurzweil hopes it will happen in his lifetime; he just has to live long enough to make it there. So the eccentric 68-year-old has built a reputation for his unique life-extending habits. Back in 2005, he admitted to taking 250 supplements a day, a number that has since plummeted to a mere 100. (Not necessarily because he wants fewer supplements, but because he believes the ones he’s getting now are better.)

He’s also very particular about what he eats. He recently sat down with the Financial Times for breakfast, and they reported that the morning routine of the hopeful immortal consists of eating eight foods:

Smoked salmon
Smoked mackerel
Dark chocolate
Vanilla WestSoy milk
Green tea

Oh, and 30 pills. (You don’t get to 100 by taking the morning off).

“Cocoa is anti-inflammatory and it’s very good for you. So that’s very dark chocolate with some espresso in. Berries, soy milk, unsweetened. Fish and green tea,” he told writer Caroline Daniel, going over his spread. Overall, he explained that he is pescatarian and favors “healthy carbs and healthy fats. So a healthy carb is a little bit of berries, oatmeal, vegetables.”

In all, it doesn’t sound like a bad breakfast, or a particularly crazy one (there’s no special smoothie made from fish eyes and blessed by a robot shaman). But even better news is that in his 2005 book, The Singularity Is Near, Kurzweil suggested that the singularity would happen around 2045. Some people believe it could arrive even sooner. It means that if you’re young enough, just eat whatever the hell you want; you’re probably going to live forever regardless—that is, if the machines don’t take you down first.