By Noah Kaufman
Updated August 20, 2015
Pig Cheese
Credit: © Andrea Pavan/PhotoFVG/Corbis

Apologies to Novak Djokavic and the rest of the donkey cheese fanatics, your beloved and bizarre dairy product no longer holds the title of the world’s most expensive. That honor belongs to pig cheese. At Piggy Palace—a pork farm in the Netherlands—farmer Erik Stegink spent 40 hours milking his pigs before finally getting enough raw milk to make just a few pounds of cheese. Then he teamed up with a local cheese maker to create what seems to be the world’s first pig cheese.

And when something is as scarce as pig cheese, you can bet that it will come with a hefty price tag. Piggy Palace plans to charge 1,500 euros ($1,680) for a pound of the stuff. Will it be worth it? That’s sort of tough to say at this point. When the Kitchn asked a cheese shop owner about the possibility of pig cheese, she doubted it would actually taste good because of a pig’s tendency to eat slop and the likelihood that flavor would get passed on through the milk. And neither the farmer nor the cheese maker has commented yet on flavor. They did, however, announce how adventurous turophiles can get some: They’ll auction it off on the Piggy Palace Facebook page.

But we bet it’s probably only a matter of time before some restaurant gets its hands on some and mixes it with cheese from donkeys, yaks and goats for the world’s most expensive comfort food. Menagerie mac and cheese has a nice ring to it. Although probably not a nice taste.