By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 24, 2015
© The Oakland Toy Lab / Instructables

At its most base level, pickling is a simple scientific reaction. So here’s a little scientific trick that can help you pickle things almost instantly.

The process, outlined on Instructables, will let you make vacuum pickles in just 30 seconds. All you need are the ingredients you would normally need for pickling – a cucumber, vinegar, sugar and spices – as well as a large syringe. The trick is similar to an experiment you might remember from when your science teacher showed how to create a vacuum in a syringe. If you get enough pressure inside, you can actually see water boiling at room temperature. (One of my teachers did this. See, I didn’t forget you, whichever teach you were!)

Simply load up all the picking ingredients into the syringe, put your thumb over the tip and pull. As Instuctables explains, “If you look in your syringe, you can see bubbles forming and escaping from your cucumbers. This is because there are tiny air pockets in every plant cell and throughout the structures. As you pull your partial vacuum, the air trapped in cell vacuoles burst out of the cell and in between the structures.”

These vacuum conditions replicate the pickling process almost instantly, and when you pour your cucumber slices out of the syringe, they’ve been converted into ready to eat pickles. It’ll make you wonder why you ever waited so long for things to pickle in the past.

[h/t Foodiggity]