By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 15, 2015
Credit: © Kristoffer Tripplaar / Alamy Stock Photo

Your childhood dreams are about to come true! And they include a guest appearance from Biz Markie: Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms!

Yesterday, General Mills, with the help of Biz Markie, announced that they’re producing a limited run of ten boxes of Marshmallow Only Lucky Charms. Of course, such a long-dreamt-of product can’t simply be purchased at the grocery store. Instead, these boxes are being given away as part of a social media sweepstakes.

How do you enter? “It’s simple!” says General Mills. “Just share a photo of yourself holding an imaginary box of Lucky Charms on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram between October 14 and 18 using #Lucky10Sweepstakes.” Potential winners are set to be notified as soon as October 20. That’s surprisingly fast—especially since we all know those marshmallows aren’t going to go stale.

But wait… Why does the box have to be imaginary? Why is Biz Markie involved? Why haven’t people figured out that you can just buy bags full of knockoff Lucky Charms marshmallows online?

These are some of life’s big questions that may never be answered. #MarshmallowsDontSolveEverything