By Mike Pomranz
Updated March 24, 2016
Credit: © akolk1 Mar 19, 2016

Have you ever looked at your Kit Kat bar and asked, “Four candy bars connected together into one candy bar is pretty cool, but wouldn’t one giant Kit Kat bar be that much cooler?” If so, Instructables user akolk1 may be your soulmate.

Instructables is home to all sorts of crazy DIY projects, including the recent addition of how to make a “huge chocolate Kit Kat bar.” And when we say huge, we literally mean any size you want. The first step in the project is “calculating the amount of chocolate and penny waffles” you need based on the size of the KitKat bar you want to make. Finally, a project that combines your two favorite things: math and gluttony.

From there, making a huge Kit Kat isn’t that complex. It’s only a four-step process that mostly involves melting chocolate and layering wafers. If you feel the need to be extra authentic, akolk1 even shows you how to add the Kit Kat logo to the top of your massive candy bar – though you’ll probably want to look around for Hershey lawyers before proceeding.

What the instructions neglect to provide, however, is info on the all-important fifth step: Eating a huge Kit Kat bar. And, of course, the sixth step: How to burn off all the calories from your huge Kit Kat bar. And finally, step seven: Dealing with the regret.

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