As much as we all love chocolate, when compared to other indulgent products, the process of where it comes from still remains a mystery to many consumers. For a bottle of wine, people obsess over the grapes’ home region. With coffee, “single origin” is all the rage. But even though plenty of fancy single origin chocolates exist, this Valentine’s Day, most people will just grab something in a heart-shaped box.

Enter Andy George. His YouTube channel How to Make Everything has already shown how to make other foods entirely from scratch – like a chicken sandwich or a root beer float – meaning he literally starts with nothing and finds or grows all the ingredients from scratch.

For his latest project, George is tackling the task of making a chocolate bar. It started with a video on how to harvest cacao, followed by the video above showing off the fermenting and roasting stages, culminating with George getting his first taste of a 100 percent homemade chocolate bar.

How to Make Everything plans to release more videos showing George making the type of chocolate candy bar we’re used to seeing on store shelves. The next installment should come out on February 18. Yes, he will have missed Valentine’s Day, but when you literally fly to Mexico to harvest your own chocolate beans, hopefully your significant other cuts you some slack.