Amazon said prices would drop at Whole Foods as soon as its acquisition was complete. Here's how much they have changed, including a 30 percent drop in avocado prices.

By Noah Kaufman
August 28, 2017

The big grocery news of last week was that, following its acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon’s first big initiative in stores would be to lower prices on several items. It’s right in line with Whole Foods’ other efforts to change its reputation as a high-cost store like the opening of five more moderately priced 365 stores with more locations to come. But last week, AmazonWorldwide Consumer CEO Jeff Wilke said, "we will lower prices without compromising Whole Foods Market's long-held commitment to the highest standards.” And Amazon promised to lower those prices as soon as it officially took over on Monday, August 28. Additionally, the two companies promised that Whole Foods items would be available through Amazon Fresh and both Prime Pantry and Prime Now. 

But as for the in-store savings, Amazon said in a statement that the price changes would cover items from avocados to almond butter. So Food & Wine went to Whole Foods’ Yonkers store over the weekend and again on Monday morning to investigate how those prices have changed.

Here are the price differences we found after the official Amazon acquisition:

Whole trade bananas

Before: 79 cents or 99 cents per pound (depending on country of origin)
After: 49 cents or 69 cents per pound (depending on country of origin)

Organic avocados

Before: $2.99 each
After: $1.99 each

Organic large brown eggs

Before: $4.29 a dozen
After: $3.99 a dozen

Organic responsibly-farmed salmon

Before: $10.49 per pound
After:  $9.99  per pound

Organic baby kale

Before: $3.99 for five ounces
After: $3.49  for five ounces

Organic baby lettuce

Before: $3.99 for five ounces
After: $3.49  for five ounces

Creamy and crunchy almond butter

Before: $7.99 for a 12-ounce jar
After: $6.99  for a 12-ounce jar

Organic Gala apples

Before: $2.99 per pound
After: $1.99  per pound

Organic Fuji apples

Before: $3.49 per pound
After: $1.99  per pound

Organic rotisserie chicken

Before: $13.99 each
After: $9.99  each

Everyday Value organic butter

Before: $5.29 per pound
After: $4.49  per pound