Credit: © Keystone-France / Getty Images

Everyone’s got their bizarre eating quirks, but as is the case with most strange personal habits, society seems to prefer that we hide them away, lest you be shamed into admitting just how much of a freak you truly are.

However, thanks to the anonymity of the Internet, people now have a comfortable forum to share what makes them unique… and gawk at what makes everyone else crazy. To wit, yesterday, Reddit had a thread on “What is your unusual food habit?

So what strange food obsessions made it to the top of the list? Two of the most popular responses had to do with odd sandwich choices.

“In the morning I go through a lot of trouble of putting together a sandwich for work. When I'm actually at lunch I eat only half of the sandwich, then take apart each individual ingrediant [sic] and eat them separately,” admitted Redditor BlueHighwindz. Another Redditor had observed an equally bizarre habit in one of his own coworkers.

“My co-worker 1.) Takes his sandwich out of the fridge. 2.) Removes the single slice of swiss cheese. 3.) Eats his sandwich. 4.) Places the cheese slice on a plate. 4.) Puts this in the toaster oven until melted. 5.) Proceeds to eat the cheese with a fork and knife,” explained user today_is_yesterday. Who knew sandwiches could be so complicated?

If you’re looking for insane recipes, this thread is a great place for that too. Redditor makeshift101 shared his trick for making “Pizza Rolls with Cheez-Its.”

“After cooking the Pizza Rolls, insert a Cheez-It into the little slit that opens up during the cooking process...soft n crunchy,” he wrote. At least that sounds downright awesome compared to this strange dish another user called “mayo soup”:

“I'll cut a stick of butter into 10 pieces, then put three pieces in a bowl. I'll add a lot of mayonnaise and a lot of hot sauce. I'll microwave it for like 20 seconds so the butter gets a little soft and then stir everything up.” Give ‘em points for originality, because you certainly won’t find that in any cookbook.

People also had all sorts of advice on odd ways to go about doing your grubbing: Hamburgers should be eaten upside-down, popcorn should be eaten with chopsticks and always eat the stuff you don’t like first before working your way to the good stuff, just to name a few. Hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

Of course, some “unusual” habits actually aren’t that unusual at all; they’re just the kind of thing none of us like to admit aloud. “I do this weird thing where I'll order a large pizza for myself thinking I'll have leftovers for lunch tomorrow and then I eat it all in one sitting,” said TheHonourableCurls. “That’s absolutely disgusting,” you say as you slyly use your foot to push an empty pizza box under the couch.