By FWx Editors
Updated September 17, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of Burger King

McDonald’s didn’t want any part of it, but that didn’t stop burger chains all over the country from jumping on the Burger King bandwagon to create a giant burger for the International Day of Peace. As you might recall, BK very publicly invited McDonald’s to make a McWhopper, combining the two iconic burgers. And after the golden arches declined, smaller chains inundated Burger King with requests to collaborate.

The result is the Peace Day Burger—a Frankensteinian work of fast food creativity that combines ingredients from a Burger King, Denny’s, Wayback Burger as well as a few deeper cuts from the fast food world like Krystal and Giraffa's USA. And while the whole thing is certainly gimmicky, some good will come out of it. Each of the chains is making a donation to Peace One Day.

The best part, at least for fans of gargantuan burgers, is that the Peace Burger will be totally free. Burger King will give away 1500 of them in Atlanta (picked because it is halfway between the headquarters of Burger King and McDonald’s).

Here’s the full breakdown of what you’ll get from top to bottom:

The top half a Wayback bun
Denny’s pepper jack queso
Denny’s bacon
Wayback’s Lettuce
Giraffa’s Ham
Giraffa’s Cheddar Cheese
Krystal’s onions
Krystal’s square beef patty
Whopper quarter-pound patty
The bottom half of a Whopper bun

If all that seems like a little much for you, or you don’t feel like going to Atlanta next week, we created our own fast food hybrid recipe definitely worth grilling up.