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It's not exactly exotic.

Jillian Kramer
Updated July 13, 2017

It's National French Fry Day. (So let's all give a collective woo-hoo for the ability to eat our favorite greasy sides guilt-free for 24 hours—and, at several spots, for free.) But what kind of fries will Americans be reaching for today and, let's be honest, any ol' day we have a craving? Perhaps surprisingly, our tastes don't gravitate told the spicy or the complicated; more than half of U.S. adults just want a plain French fry.

That, at least, is the result of a new OpenTable survey that asked 3,783 diners about their French fry preferences. And 54 percent said their favorite French fry is plain. In fact the next closest contender wasn't really that close: 16 percent of Americans prefer truffle-flavored fries. And another 14 percent say rosemary garlic is a fave.

But OpenTable didn't stop the French fry inquiry there. We've also learned that we have a clear favorite cut—standard cut, Idaho potatoes—and a dipping sauce, which is ketchup. (Duh.) But those traditional fries dipped in that red sauce do have a little competition: 19 percent of respondents said their favorite cut is sweet potato fries, and 18 percent prefer to dip their snack in aioli.

When it comes to what to eat with our fries, just shy of half of Americans said they like to have a little hamburger with their fries—but just a little. That's because 23 percent said (correctly, we might add) that fries can actually serve as a main course. And we don't like to share them, side or meal: 27 percent keep fries to themselves.

Lastly, crispiness does matter to Americans. There's a perfect balance between a crisp outer shell and a pillowy inside that inside that 53 percent of us prefer.

Have we made you hungry? Check out where you can snag free fries (here) today.