Don't be shy with herbs, says chef and author Jerry Traunfeld.

Jerry Traunfeld, chef of The Herbfarm restaurant, near Seattle, and author of the forthcoming book The Herbal Kitchen, uses herbs not just by the sprig but also by the fistful, often in utterly original flavor combinations—pairing mint with shrimp, for example, or parsley with pork. Here, eight brand-new recipes show how potent—or subtle—herbs can be.

Superfast Uses for Extra Herbs

Add whole leaves or small sprigs to salads. • Blend with mayonnaise for a sandwich spread. Blend with cream cheese and shallots to make a dip. • Mince with olive oil for pesto. • Stuff inside whole fish or chickens before roasting. • Use as a bed for steaming fish, shellfish or vegetables. • Mince and blend with butter, then freeze for later use (on corn, fish or meat).