Maaaybe not the right time for this one.

By Rebekah Lowin
Updated May 24, 2017
hennessey's tavern
Credit: Courtesy of George Rose / Getty Images

Before trying your hand at “social commentary,” however well-intentioned you might may want to get a second opinion. And a third. Get a fourth while you're at it.

That’s something the owner of Hennessey’s Tavern in Dana Point, California had to learn the hard way. The bar’s Cinco de Mayo promotion—which was, believe it or not, actually intended as a liberal-minded protest of sorts—included an inflatable “border wall,” and participants who were able to climb said wall were entitled to one free drink. Which they could redeem using a “drinking green card.”

If there was ever a time to scratch your head, it is now.

Hennessey’s went on to issue a statement on Facebook making it clear that they hadn’t intended to endorse Trump’s immigration policies, nor had they meant to imply that the idea of the wall itself was something to poke fun at. What could possibly have you made you think that?

Instead, their true intentions “were to create a dialogue and show how ridiculous that it is to spend tens of millions of dollars to build a wall and even infer that Mexico foot some or the entire bill and have their citizens build it.”


“This event obviously struck a chord with many of you out there,” the statement continued. “And you and a number of you did not understand our intent...Thank you for your comments and let’s stop this wall from being built.”

Indeed, attendees and social media users had already shared their comments—and they weren't very flattering. Facebook user Laycee Barragato Gibson, for instance, wrote: “Hennessy's in Dana Point California is having a Cinco De Mayo event where people can climb a "wall" to get a "green card"... Yep this is really happening. Disgusting.”

Let’s hope Hennessey’s learned their lesson, and that their future attempts at meaningful political dialogue are...better.