The touring garnishing truck has already traveled 10,050 miles.
hendricks gin
Credit: Courtesy of Hendrick's Gin

What’s a refreshing gin and tonic without a crisp cucumber to garnish the glass? Incomplete, in the minds of the geniuses behind the Hendrick's Gin traveling cucumber garnishing machine, the "Grand Garnisher."

For the past three months, Hendrick’s Gin has been traveling across the United States with their “cucumber slicing device.” As Food & Wine has previously reported, the machine, housed on a vintage-looking, flatbed truck, is “38-feet-long and relies upon an elaborate system of pneumatic tubing, interlocking gears, and rotating blades to slice up to 18 cucumbers per hour.” The purpose of this machine—an entirely necessary for luxury for the dedicated gin drinker—is to create the most beautiful garnishes to ever grace a cocktail glass.

In a statement from the company, Hendrick’s Gin ambassador Mark Stoddard says that the mobile garnishing truck has already traveled “10,050 miles, visited 10 cities, and sliced upwards of 893 cucumbers for the proper garnishment of more than 2,000 Hendrick's Gin cocktails.”

But Stoddard also admits that the company's giant device specifically created to craft cucumber garnishes for gin and tonics isn’t exactly the most practical invention.

“This is the most inefficient, yet spectacular, garnishing device in all of the land," Stoddard proudly proclaims.

The truck is powered by pedals, meaning it can only reach the feeble speed of 25 miles per hour, but somehow it’s still managed to reach New York, Chicago, and New Orleans, with 11 more stops planned in cities like Austin, Denver, and Atlanta. You can find the full schedule of the Grand Garnisher here.

The company has also released a smaller, much more useful in your day-to-day life, version of the cucumber machine, named the Petite Garnisher. It fits two cucumbers at once and boasts the ability to slice the perfect cucumber wheel garnish—the ideal party favor at your next cocktail party.