About 20 years ago a man my father worked with traveled to Czechoslovakia to visit relatives, and when he came back he brought some heirloom tomato seeds. I've been growing those tomatoes since then-large, oddly heart-shaped, pinkish red and very fleshy tomatoes with thinly formed seed sacks. They are amazingly sweet, tangy, juicy and meaty; they make a thick sauce that's almost too sweet (not that I'm complaining; I just cut back on the amount of onions in the sauce). I save the seeds every year and give them to anyone who asks, hoping to get these beauties the attention they deserve. Looking through catalogs and talking to other gardeners, I've learned about similar tomatoes with names like Polish, Old German and Russian, but I've never come across an exact match for this Czech wonder. Has anyone encountered a tomato like this? Let me know!