Credit: © Annabel de Vetten-Peterson

Any true chocolate junkie has probably suffered “death by chocolate” at one point or another: It’s a pretty common tag tossed onto all sorts super-chocolately desserts. But a new Kickstarter campaign is seeking to create an even more literal symbiosis between chocolate and death: "Death in Chocolate.”

Inspired by “a fascination with horror, alternative art, the culinary arts, taxidermy and all things odd,” Annabel de Vetten-Peterson is taking chocolate-making in a bizarre new direction, whipping up, as she calls them, “demonically delicious chocolates that look like the things your mother told you not to touch—let alone put in your mouth.” Her creations would look more at home in a curio shop than a candy store: hand-painted chocolate bird skulls and anatomical models of dental diseases.

Trained as a sculptor and taxidermist, de Vetten-Peterson started her strange, self-taught chocolate project by tempering chocolate on her stovetop and in the microwave. But according to her site, ever since her work went viral, she’s been struggling to keep up with demand. So, to make sure everyone gets their chocolate skull dreams fulfilled, she’s launched the Death in Chocolate Kickstater in hopes of earning enough to purchase a professional chocolate-tempering machine. In return, backers who give at little as 15 pounds can get their own little chocolate skull—your choice of a crow, kitten, barn owl or parrot.

Photo: Katja Ogrin

Death in Chocolate had no trouble reaching its very modest 1,000-pound goal. There’s still nine days left to go in the campaign, meaning if you want to purchase a chocolate skull, since the project is already fully backed, you’re guaranteed to get your morbid chocolate treat! Plus you get to help an artist’s dreams and our nightmares come true.