The cooking competition turned the heat up on two of its final competitors. 
Hells Kitchen clip
Credit: FOX/Getty Images

If you’re a contestant on the Gordon Ramsay-hosted cooking competition Hell’s Kitchen: All-Stars you should expect pressure of epic proportions, panic attacks, stress, fits of yelling, some pointed criticism from Ramsay, and possibly a meltdown or two along the way. This clip from the current season of the show—which airs tonight at 8 PM ET on Fox—is no exception. In it, the final two chefs, Jennifer and Robyn, have completed their last three challenges, and are waiting—in between bouts of sobs and reassuring hugs— to find out who will take home the winning black chef’s jacket.

As Ramsay tastes each dish the women wait in the background, barely able to take the mounting suspense. He can’t decide, so he calls in a second opinion from a couple of his sous chefs. Jennifer and Robyn—their fates resting in the balance—call out a couple expletives while the taste test continues. The two chefs—who clearly respect each other deeply—have no idea who will be awarded the black jacket, and it’s clear Ramsay himself doesn’t have much of an idea either, which is probably a testament to the respective chefs’ talent in the kitchen.

Jennifer and Robyn had just finished competing in a series of challenges meant to push them to their limits: The “Taste It, Now Make It,” challenge, in which contestants must use their senses to recreate a dish; “Five Domes,” in which they each had 30 minutes to create a dish using mystery ingredients hidden under domes (similar to a competition you might see on Iron Chef); and “Free For All,” in which the chefs got to choose their dish, but the Ramsay got to pick the ingredients. Not only did both chefs make it through the challenges, they managed to stump Ramsay so bad in the last round he needed back up. Impressive, indeed.

Both ladies clearly mastered the competition and deserve the win. You’ll just have to tune in tonight to see who comes out victorious.