By Joey Skladany
Updated September 14, 2017
© dhoffmanimages / Getty Images

There's a kitty in aisle three! No, we're not talking about a New York City bodega cat. A Hong Kong has grocery store has transformed itself into a Hello Kitty supermarket.

The pop-up, which runs until May 31, is the brainchild of Sai Wan's Yata Supermarket. Customers can purchase a variety of Hello Kitty-inspired items that range from pastries and sushi to home decor and individually-packaged (and unusually large) apples. We've also spotted light-up cotton candy, because clearly nothing is too over-the-top for Sanrio and its globally-recognized characters.

This is obviously not the cat's first foray into the world of food. We've seen a café, food truck, dim sum restaurant and dozens of branded dishes donning the famous feline (or is it?) and her signature bow, but never an entire grocery store with Hello Kitty shopping carts, bags and produce aisles.

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Check out some of the pics below. On a scale of 1 to "I'm already entering my credit card information," how likely are you to book a ticket to Hong Kong? If you're part of the latter, we've got just the plane for you.

How about them apples?

Cats love fish, so this meal makes the most sense.

Tina Rupp

Attention Hello Kitty shoppers, there's a sale on adorableness.

Tina Rupp

Employee of the month.

Tina Rupp

We'll take one of everything, please.

Tina Rupp