The Leisure Seeker star revealed she was partial to both simple meals and buffets during a recent red carpet interview.
Credit: Getty Images

Actress Helen Mirren already has her last meal picked out.

From Jimmy Hendrix and Napoleon to Julius Caesar and Jesus, there’s a huge history and culture around the concept of “the last meal.” Due to the circumstances surrounding said meal, some of the dishes end up being much more grandiose than others. While “The Last Supper” was a well-planned event, Hendrix probably didn’t think that the last bit of food he’d ever taste was going to be a tuna fish sandwich.

Mirren, star of The Queen, Gosford Park and the upcoming film The Leisure Seeker (set for release January 19), has put a lot of thought into what hers is going to entail. Like Hendrix, it’s incredibly simple. The Emmy, Tony, Golden Globe, and Academy Award winner revealed in a red carpet interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she's rather fond of melted cheese on toast, and thus would like her last meal to be a grilled cheese.

Despite its seeming mundaneness, grilled cheese isn’t a bad choice. It’s often a quick sandwich that you can go as simple or creative with as you want, and according to research collected from social site Skout, people who enjoy grilled cheese tend to have some better qualities. Of the 4,600 people surveyed in 2015, those who ate melted cheese on toast were found to be more charitable, adventurous, more likely to travel and to translate that love for grilled cheese to love in the bedroom.

While on the red carpet, grilled cheese wasn’t the only food Mirren claimed to be partial to. She also shared a certain admiration for southern food and buffets.

“Every small town across the south of America, they’ve got these all-you-can-eat buffets for like $6.99 with this amazing Southern food like, you know, fried chicken, collard greens, mac and cheese, black-eyed peas, [and] the rice, dirty rice — fantastic,” Mirren said.