Heinz Unveils 'Tarchup,' 'Wasabioli,' and 'Hanch' in Canada

The ketchup king continues to mix condiments together with oddly named results.

Plenty of brands have a go-to "we need some attention" move. Oreo has practically perfected launching new varieties. KFC is fully committed to making bizarre product tie-ins. And in 2018, Heinz hit promotional pay dirt by combining two condiments under one bizarre name: Mayochup. Of course, not content to let a good thing be, other oddly-named products have followed: Mayocue, Mayomust, and (deep breath) Kranch.

Think the fun is over? Well, not in Canada at least! This week, Heinz announced the release of Tarchup, Wasabioli, and Hanch in our neighbor to the north—and Canadians have no one but themselves to blame. Heinz says all the flavors were "inspired by Canadians."

Heinz Hauch, Wasabioli, Tarchup bottles
CNW Group / Kraft Heinz Canada

Apparently, Heinz came up with these three concepts after "searching through a decade's worth of posts on forgotten blogs and scouring old tweets and forums." Tarchup—which is a mix of tartar sauce and ketchup—is courtesy of "a decade-old, late-night tweet" from Arianne from Toronto. Wasabioli was supposedly found on an online wedding forum where Emma from Toronto was dealing with a wasabi and garlic aioli stain. Finally, Hanch—which sounds like the tastiest combo: hot sauce and ranch—was sourced from a post on Reddit about a pizza order.

"Heinz surprised each sauce creator by making their creations a reality, and then worked with them to bring their sauce to the Canadian marketplace," the brand explained. However, though the inspiration may have come from outside of the company, the names were all Heinz. You can actually see the inspiration for these condiments at HeinzCrowdSauced.ca, and no, the terms "Tarchup," "Wasabioli," and "Hanch" were nowhere to be found beforehand.

"We've seen incredible success with innovations such as Mayochup and Mayoracha," Daniel Gotlib, associate director of brand building and innovation at Kraft Heinz Canada, stated. "There's a lot of appetite for Heinz mashups as consumers continue to explore bolder and more unique flavor pairings. Surprisingly, there is a lot of social conversation about condiment mashups and we saw an opportunity to work with our fans in creating mashups that are inspired by them."

These condiments are currently available across Canada at select stores for a limited time with a suggested retail price of $2.99 Canadian (about $2.39 USD). Whether a similar concept will come to the United States is anyone's guess, but it seems like if you have any brilliant condiment mashup ideas, you might as well post about them in online wedding forums.

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