Buffaranch and Sweet Ketchili Are Heinz's Latest Condiment Mashups to Hit U.S. Shelves

Both products are permanent additions to the rapidly growing line of oddly named sauce options.

A couple of weeks ago, Heinz Canada unveiled three new wild condiment mashups — Tarchup, Wasabioli, and Hanch — which likely inspired you to ponder one of two questions: Either, one, when is Heinz — which has already released the likes of Mayochup, Mayocue, Mayomust, and Kranch — going to give up this silly charade; or, more likely, two, why does all the cool stuff always get released in Canada?

But good news for anyone suffering from Canada envy: No, the U.S. isn't going to see the release of any of the Canadian condiment mashups, but we have just gotten two of our own — and they may be even better than what was released up north. Currently showing up on American store shelves are Buffaranch and Sweet Ketchili.

Heinz Sauce Bottles
Courtesy of HEINZ

Alright, sure, linguistically, these names might not be as cool as Wasabioli, but the mashups sound more useful from a culinary perspective. Buffaranch is billed as a combination of "buffalo sauce and tangy ranch for the perfect balance between creamy and spicy that tastes delicious on literally everything." And Sweet Ketchili is described as "the ultimate blend of ketchup and sweet chili sauce that's sweet with a kick of heat." Heinz specifically suggests you give these new sauces a try on "pizza slices, fried chicken sandwiches, and juicy burgers."

The Ketchup king says that both new products — which have a suggested retail price of $3.79 — are out now and are being considered permanent additions to the Heinz sauce lineup. The brand also tells me that all of their other American sauces — which not only include the aforementioned Mayochup, Kranch, Mayomust, and Mayocue, but also Honeyracha and Mayoracha (which were released in January and May of 2020 respectively) — should still be available in stores.

Basically, if you are still mixing your own condiments together, you are doing way too much work. Heinz has got you covered. And if you're able to get into Canada, well, then they've got you even more covered.

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