It appears Mayochup was only the beginning.

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Credit: Kraft Heinz

Mixing mayonnaise with other flavors is pretty common. Call it “aioli” and you sound downright classy. But last year, when the condiment specialists at Heinz combined its Real Mayonnaise with its signature Tomato Ketchup in a single bottle and labeled the new concoction Mayochup, people freaked out a bit. To be fair, mixing ketchup and mayonnaise is actually quite common across the globe; instead, the name more than anything seemed to catch people off guard — as if Heinz thought they could slip the whole thing by us with just eight letters. But reactions aside, Mayochup must have sold pretty well because now the good people at Heinz are stirring together all sorts of previously separate sauces back at the factory, and two new creations have just been spotted on store shelves: Heinz Mayocue and Heinz Mayomust.

Not that I have to spell it out for you, but Heinz Mayocue is a prepackaged mix of Heinz Mayonnaise and Heinz Classic Barbecue Sauce. Likewise, Heinz Mayomust swirls together Heinz Mayonnaise and Heinz Yellow Mustard (despite sounding like something you might want to have a professional come look at if you found it growing in your bathroom). According to their descriptions on Amazon, both products are also spiked “with a special blend of spices” and sold in an upside-down Easy Squeeze bottle with a flip cap, assuring that putting these unholy alliances on sandwiches is a breeze.

News of both products broke yesterday when a shopper spotted them on the shelves at H-E-B — where they apparently sell for about $3 — and sent snapshots to The Impulsive Buy.

Frankly, though a mayo and ketchup combination has plenty of precedent, mixing mayo with both barbecue sauce and mustard — though not completely impractical — does seem to offer more limited uses. Personally, I’d rather see Heinz reach out to their parent company partners over at Kraft to whip up a mix of mayo and A.1. sauce. Then again, I have a bottle of mayo, and I have a bottle of A.1., and I have a spoon... You know what, Heinz? Don’t worry. I got this one covered.