You asked for it.

Credit: Courtesy of Kraft Heinz

Neither mayonnaise nor ketchup are strangers to French fries (or pomme frites, as it were). But when ketchup icon Heinz let its latest sauce-based product, Mayochup, loose on the internet, the mashup of the two condiments—already available in international markets—certainly got people talking. Beyond some folks considering it an odd pairing, another conversation also took shape among various culinary sub-cultures, including Puerto Ricans who have been enjoying "mayoketchup" for a long time. If anything, the teased offering from Heinz proved that a mainstream American adoption was on the horizon. Now, Heinz is making that future a reality with the official release of Mayochup nationwide later this month.

But whether or not Heinz even brought Mayochup to the masses was left up initially left up in the air. Back in April, the brand let social media decide if the (at the time) Middle East-market product would get a U.S. release. With a 500,000 vote response in favor of the launch, this month will see that demand met at grocery stores throughout the country. It should be noted, however, that Goya already makes a Mayo Ketchup and that the condiment also goes by the name salsa rosada in some Latin American countries. In Utah, it’s called Fry Sauce and also can be bought pre-mixed. All this is to say that Heinz isn’t reinventing the wheel here. It’s just seeing how people are already customizing that wheel and getting in on that action.

For the first official rollout, Heinz is taking to social media again to select one single city to be the first to try its saucy new product. Right now the Heinz Ketchup Twitter account lists three contenders: Culver City, CA, Brooklyn, NY, and Chicago, IL. Those selections were based on where the hashtag #Mayochup was tweeted the most. (But that doesn’t mean your city can’t still pull an upset! Just Tweet #Mayochup[YOURCITY] with your hometown in filled in—and probably recruit a few friends and neighbors to do so, too—by Tuesday, September 18 at 11:59 p.m. CT.)

Once the votes are tallied, the city with the most support will get the first delivery of Mayochup along with a whole lot of French fries to enjoy it on an upcoming, undisclosed date.

Mayochup will retail for $3.49 for a 16.5-ounce squeeze bottle.