A new bottle with a slight twist of the label makes determining the perfect pouring angle easy.

Credit: Newscast/Getty Images

The best solutions are often the simplest ones, and after 150 years, Heinz has finally found an easy way to answer the question "How do I get this dang ketchup to pour?!" And despite all the talk of American innovation, this idea is actually courtesy of Canada.

When it comes to pouring, angle is one of the keys, so Heinz Canada teamed up with the creative agency Rethink Canada for a test run of bottles with, what at first glance, look like weirdly angled labels. However, when you turn the bottle to read the label horizontally, the resulting angle is exactly the one you want for ketchup pouring. You can watch the results in the video below:

"This year, we have focused our marketing on reinforcing the emotional connection fans have with the brand in clever and ownable ways," Brian Neumann, senior brand manager at Kraft Heinz Canada, said according to AdAge. "We're always thinking of fun, cheeky ways we can highlight the iconic and timeless nature of the product to give our consumers a smile."

Unfortunately for ketchup lovers in America, however, not only was this test run in Canada, but it was also a very limited edition run in Toronto only — meaning, for now at least, you won't be seeing this ingenious little solution at any stores near you.

But you know what, when a simple solution isn't available — screw it — use a more complicated solution. I grabbed a protractor and went third-grade-science-class on their video to determine that the angle being used is about a 35-degree angle. A Heinz Canada spokesperson confirmed to Food & Wine that while 45 degrees is often stated as the rule of thumb, their label is twisted just shy of that measurement, meaning somewhere between 35 and 45 degrees is your ketchup-pouring sweet spot.

So now all you have to do is grab your own protractor (which you obviously have) and store it next to your ketchup to find the perfect pouring angle — no special label required. Hey, maybe Heinz could even start giving away branded Heinz protractors with every bottle of ketchup. How's that for an idea? Call me, Rethink Canada!