This adorable, three-minute animated ad for Heinz beans might just make you emotional.

If you didn't know any better, you might think Heinz's latest commercial for beans was a Pixar film.

In the works for over a year, the three-minute Australian ad known officially as "Geoff the Film," follows its central character, a baked beans aficionado Geoff, from his canned-bean loving youth to his role as a head of innovation at Heinz.

It's in that dream job that Geoff finds better ways for Heinz customers—including his own future wife and children—to enjoy the cultural favorite until, as the narrator points out, Geoff eventually "has it all."

The short is part of Kraft Heinz "Can Size for Every Aussie" product launch, the company's latest effort—based on comprehensive consumer research—to "cater to every Aussie, for every occasion, whether snacking, having a meal with a loved one or the whole family," Kraft Heinz Australian Commercial President, Elkin Jackson said in a statement.

For a limited time, the traditional Heinz Beanz logo will be removed, replaced by the campaign specific blue logos and unique size-based labels, including the 'Lil One,' the 'One for One,' 'One for Two,' and the 'One for All.' Each size can be seen at various points throughout the commercial.

In the animated short, the label names serve as milestone markers for Geoff's ever expanding work and family, but in real life, they'll assist customers with choosing the perfect size to meet their beans cooking needs.

The spot was created by ad agency Y&R New Zealand and its animation partner Assembly for Kraft Heinz. Of the re-branding effort, Executive Creative Director of Y&R said, "Launching an animated campaign which directly influences the real-world, on-shelf product is a unique, gratifying process."

Brands like Campbell's, Folgers, and Coca-Cola are known for similar sentimental and family-focused commercial campaigns, and as you (rather emotionally) make your way through the short, it's easy to understand why.

This is also not the first time Heinz has launched a marketing campaign influenced by an easily recognizable and beloved piece of pop culture. Earlier this year they actually ran a fictional campaign pitched to the company during season six of AMC's Mad Men.