The capsule collection is available to purchase for one day only.

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated: December 07, 2017
Karston Tannis (@skinnywashere) for Heineken

Do you need more food and drink-themed clothing? Trolli seems to think so; the candy company just released a clothing line inspired by 90s nostalgia. So does Taco Bell, which collaborated with Forever 21 on its own line of leotards and parkas. Milk Bar—home of the famously delicious Crack Pie—thinks so too. The bakery’s line with Madewell included a denim apron, which sold out in a matter of hours. Today, Heineken takes the food-inspired clothing line to new, high fashion, heights, with the release of its collaboration with streetwear label A Bathing Ape.

Karston Tannis (@skinnywashere) for Heineken

The line, called Heineken x BAPE, is part of the #Heineken100 collaborations, a program that is now in its eighth year. #Heineken100 is a series of design partnerships with different brands, like Public School and Kith. Last year, the beer company partnered with Tumi, the luggage company, on a line of travel products.

Karston Tannis (@skinnywashere) for Heineken

Heineken's latest collection will be on sale at a pop-up shop (which is only open to people 21 and over) that is a one-day-only affair. It opens on December 12 at Izakaya (326 E 6th Street) in New York City's East Village, at 11 a.m. and closing at 4 p.m. If you decide to stop by, you should expect long lines and very limited availability as style-conscious New Yorker’s rush to snap up the capsule collection pieces. There are only four items in the collection—a pullover shark hoodie, a camo-print jacket, and t-shirt and a Heineken bottle carrier, ranging from $112 to $413 in price—so this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to deck yourself out in beer-themed gear.  

While many fast food companies like McDonald’s and KFC have offered stylish merchandise to customers, this Heineken collaboration takes the trend into a more fashionable space with the help of a well-established label. This is one of the first clothing lines launched by a food brand that can truly call itself high fashion.