Ceramic Tableware

Werner and Phillipa du Toit of South Africa’s MUD Studio design this dishware, sold at Anthropologie in the U.S. 011-27-83-658-9714 or

Patterned Screens

Made with Kuba cloth (a textile derived from palm trees) by South Africa–based designer Duncan Taylor. 011-27-11-787-7098 or

Glass Candelabra

Swazi craftsmen transform old soft-drink bottles into handblown candelabra and ornamental animal shapes.

Animal-head lamps

South African designers Michael and Anthea Methven create wire-and-paper lamps.

Telephone-wire Baskets

Artisans from KwaZulu-Natal, an eastern region of South Africa, weave these colorful baskets.

Rose-shaped Dishes

Mustard & Moonshine’s vivid ceramic pieces are inspired by plants like the rockrose.