Skip the green juice and try these exciting drinks.

Carrot-Pear Shrub

1. Turmeric Elixir

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Credit: © Con Poulos

This healthy detox juice is spiked with turmeric, which is known for having anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Cantaloupe Juice with Ginger and Lime

Cantaloupe Juice with Ginger and Lime
Credit: © Con Poulos

Super ripe cantaloupe and pineapple star in this vibrant drink.

3. Electro Shot

Electro Shot
Credit: © Con Poulos

This vitamin C-packed juice, flavored with fresh fennel and green apple, is an immunity booster.

4. Purple Haze

Purple Haze
Credit: © Con Poulos

A pinch of Himalayan pink salt adds a savory kick to this healthy juice made with beets, apple, carrot, orange and fresh ginger.

5. Carrot-Pear Shrub

Carrot-Pear Shrub

With spicy ginger and fresh lime juice, this tonic is refreshing, energizing and healthy.