Pomegranates are loaded with heart-healthy polyphenols. A new way to get them in your diet: Pom Tea iced teas with pomegranate juice and extract ($3 for 13.5 oz;

Açaí Berry

This Brazilian fruit has one of the highest antioxidant levels of any food, and it's rich in calcium. Bossa Nova's new açaí–passion fruit juice is nicely tangy ($3 for 10 oz;

Goji Berry

Touted as the world's most nutritionally dense food, this Himalayan berry (rumored to be harvested by monks) is slightly tart and bitter when dried ($7 for 4 oz;

Schisandra Berry

Revered in traditional Chinese medicine for its cleansing and stamina-boosting properties, the berry is blended with white peony in La Mill's new White Schizandra tea ($9 for 1.5 oz;