By FWx Editors
Updated April 28, 2014
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Even if flowers aren't in bloom where you live, by this, the first day of spring, you can still get in the spirit by finding some and eating them. In case you’re planning to add any found flora to your upcoming spring meals, here are some you can feed people. And some that will make them never trust you to cook again.

Good Idea


You can use the flowers to add spice and floral notes to any salad, but you can also use vinegar and pickle the pods.


Don’t just romance her with fresh roses. Candied rose petals are a great addition to all sorts of desserts.


Just use the petals please. The flavors can be as varied as the colors they come in. They can also make a great tea when dried.


They don’t taste like much, but they can make any dish look nicer and they’re fine to eat.


Not just for a cheap prom corsage any more.

Bad Idea


The rhizomes in Irises probably won’t cause you to die, but they do cause some unpleasantness from both ends.


They may be the unmistakable scent of the south, but they carry poisonous seeds.


The good news is that buttercups taste so bad you probably won’t be able to eat enough to do any damage, but if you’re particularly stubborn or have no sense of taste you could do some serious damage.


They look so harmless, but they contain lycorine, which is a toxic alkaloid.