By Farrah Shaikh
Updated August 20, 2015
Chef Michel Nischan and Adrian Grenier
| Credit: © Insider Images for Naked Juice

Despite record growth in the number of farmers’ markets in the US, nearly 24 million Americans still live in food deserts, without access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables.

Wholesome Wave, a nonprofit working to bring fresh food to areas in need in the US through farmers' markets, health care centers and food hubs, partnered with Naked Juice for the third straight year to help end food deserts. This year it is even easier for you to help: A simple hashtag will provide a donation of fresh produce.

How it works: Simply take a picture (it can be as awkward as this) with the fresh produce you incorporate into your diet, hashtag it #DrinkGoodDoGood and Naked Juice will donate ten pounds of fresh produce to Wholesome Wave to distribute through their networks. Naked Juice plans to donate up to 500,000 pounds of food this year, and 1.5 million pounds over the next three.

"Getting kids engaged with foods and falling in love with fresh produce when they are curious is key. And Drink Good Do Good has tremendous viral reach. It immediately raises money that can be used to leverage federal funds so that people can double their foods stamps at farmers' markets," says chef Michel Nischan, co-founder of Wholesome Wave and James Beard Award winner for Humanitarian of the Year.

To help get the message out, Wholesome Wave and Naked Juice enlisted public ambassadors to spur interest in the campaign. Actor and philanthropist Adrian Grenier is joining forces with the likes of Common, and chefs José Andrés and Michael Voltaggio.

"I grew up here [in New York], and it wasn't until I started working with Wholesome Wave that I realized that I grew up in food desert. I didn't realize this because my mother made extra effort to provide me with fresh food. But a lot of people don't have the time or the money [to do the same],” Grenier told us. "And it is not just in New York. It is everywhere across the country. Beyond addressing nutrition and obesity, this program helps educate and can impact health care costs. “

So whether you are cooking at home, or are at the grocery store or farmers' market, grab that carrot, snap a pic and post it to any social platform with the hashtag #DrinkGoodDoGood to get ten pounds of food distributed. You were going to post that pic anyway. #Nomnom

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