There are no kiwis in the new music video, but there are puppies and Gucci suits. 

Harry Styles cooks for his girlfriend
Credit: John Lamparski / Contributor / Getty Images 

Harry Styles—beloved pop icon, emerging actor, and wearer of many fabulous suits—released the music video for his song ‘Kiwi’ today, which recounts the story of a guy who falls for sexy, cigarette-smoking, intellectual young woman who informs him that she’s having his baby. It's not related to kiwis as we know them—the tangy green fruit, that is (although earlier this week, a fan did throw a kiwi at the unsuspecting pop star, causing him to slip on stage). The video doesn’t seem the connect to the lyrics of the song either; it finds a group of pissed off school children, some of which are wearing brocade Gucci suits, pelting each other with baked goods in a gymnasium.

No, it doesn’t make any sense! But it doesn’t have to. Just watch as the kids have some kind of argument (their voices are muted) around a towering pile of ornately decorated cakes. In stomps a newcomer—clad in head-to-toe blue Gucci, her red hair streaming down her back, holding a box of cupcakes topped with blue frosting. She signals to another kid who fires the first shot, which lands on the glossy black shoe of one of their peers. Bake sale hell breaks out; the kids grab cupcakes, pieces of cake, and globs of frosting and start throwing them at each other with no regard for their incredible outfits.

Eventually, Styles himself makes an appearance, wearing the same blue Gucci suit as the young woman who instigated the conflict. He bursts into the gym in the middle of the food fight holding in his arms—get ready for this—a bunch of adorable puppies, which he releases into the fray. He and his Mini-Me team up, hiding behind a set of chairs as the fighting intensifies. Seeing an opportunity, more kids grab puppies and take cover.

Please feel free to speculate about what this video could possibly mean. Could it be a reference to Styles' recent role in Dunkirk? A commentary on how the song’s future dad will deal with his future child? Who knows! At the end Styles throws the camera a satisfied smirk—regardless of message, the video is worth it for that moment alone.