Can you name all of the delicious delights from the movies and books?

Harry Potter Butterbeer
2016 Mike Windle/Universal Studios
| Credit: Mike Windle/Universal Studios

On July 26, Harry Potter celebrated its 20th anniversary release in the U.K. In honor of the momentous occasion, Digg created a video showcasing many of the most famous food moments from the movies.

The magical food in the Harry Potter universe is actually one of the most memorable aspects of the stories: Chocolate frogs that can actually hop, jelly beans that taste like earwax, feasts in the Great Hall at Hogwarts at the start of the school year, and of course, Butterbeer, which you can now try at Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

While the video tries to cover most of the movie’s food moments, it leaves out a couple stand-out scenes: Surprisingly, the birthday cake Hagrid brings Harry in the first movie doesn’t make an appearance, nor does Harry’s first dinner at the Weasley’s home in the Chamber of Secrets.

Still, the video shows off much of the magical food that drove our imaginations wild while reading Harry Potter, and luckily there are ways to enjoy some of the treats in our so-called Muggle world: fans have created recipes for chocolate frogs, Liquid Luck made with lemonade, grape juice, and Grey Goose vodka, and even Golden Snitch cake pops.

If that’s not enough of a Harry Potter fix for you, there’s a bed and breakfast in South Wales that serves a wizard’s tea for guests with treats modeled after those that are mentioned in the books, all presented in a room dressed up to look like a Gryffindor common room.

Even better, a Harry Potter-themed pub may soon be built in London (the Kickstarter for the project also launched on June 26), called The Cauldron, (if it gets funding, it won't be open for another few years, sadly). The man behind the pub, Matthew Cortland, hopes that the pub will be a space where fans can “geek out,” while drinking cocktails that reference the books.

Harry Potter is mainly about magic, sure, but the food has become just as entrenched in our memories as Harry’s coming-of-age story. Forget Lucky Charms, this is what magically delicious looks like.