A Hard Seltzer Festival Is Touring the Country This Year

"Seltzer Land" will offer dozens of spiked seltzer varieties for bubbly beverage fans to sample.

After a booming 2019, hard seltzer is already coming for beer and wine’s money in sheer sales, and now it's encroaching on even more of their territory: festivals. Starting this spring, a nationwide event called Seltzer Land is taking an immersive bubble-filled experience on tour.

Pouring seltzer samples
Cannonball Productions

According to the Wall Street Journal, attendees can sample over 100 different varieties of hard seltzer, dine on snacks, enjoy live music and, of course, get some obligatory Instagram feed fodder, for $29 with VIP tickets starting at $49. Each festival day will consist two sessions—12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.—with VIP ticket holders granted early entry, full 12-ounce cans, and lounge access. Well-known trendsetters like White Claw and Bon & Viv will be represented along with bigger players getting into the sparkling booze game, including Smirnoff, Natural Light, and Four Loko.

As of this writing, the website has four dates and locations planned for 2020:

  • April 18: Minneapolis, MN - Quincy Hall
  • May 9: Chicago, IL - Union Station
  • May 16: New York City, NY - The Brooklyn Expo
  • June 13: Seattle, WA - Fisher Pavilion

Other dates are yet to be announced for stops in Nashville, Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, and Austin, with more cities coming soon, a representative from Seltzer Land confirmed.

Cannonball Productions, the company behind the event, is also responsible for the Beer and Bacon Classic, a festival tour called Taco Takeover, and winery tours in the Midwest. But it’s not the only hard seltzer festival in town (at least in Denver). According to the WSJ, a similar event called Fizz Fight launched in the Mile High City last year and has its sights set on expansion to other locales.

“Hard seltzers sales have ‘spiked’ over the past year and they’re not slowing down. Across the board one thing is clear: everybody loves hard seltzer,” Cannonball Productions CEO & founder Kate Levenstien said in a statement provided by the company. “With new brands and flavors popping up every month, we want to create an opportunity for fans to explore their palates, and brands to showcase their variety through an immersive tasting experience."

Tickets for each of the four scheduled Seltzer Land cities will go on sale online beginning tomorrow, February 13. Interested parties can sign up for ticket on-sale date information for future events at seltzerland.com.

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