This Hard Seltzer Festival Is Still Touring the Country Despite Pandemic Delays

'Seltzerland' is popping up across the U.S. this summer, including its long-awaited first stop in NYC.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced all sort of events to be cancelled: vacations, weddings, proms… and, of course, a number of stops on America's "first nationally touring hard seltzer festival," Seltzerland. So, sure, you still can't travel to your preferred vacation destination, wedding venues are booked solid years into the future, and prom was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never get back. But, hey, at least Seltzerland is finally rescheduled!

When last we covered Seltzerland -- in February 2020 -- the event had announced its first four events, all at indoor venues in Minneapolis, Chicago, New York City, and Seattle. Needless to say, those plans were disrupted, forcing Seltzerland to "reimagine" the event -- delaying the dates and opting to stage stops at outdoor golf courses instead. In all, 15 of these 19th-hole editions of Seltzerland have been held over the past year -- not too shabby, all things considered

Seltzerland Hard Seltzer Festival
Cannonball Productions

But now, Seltzerland is once again revisiting its indoor aspirations by returning to one of the cities that missed out before. New York's Brooklyn Expo Center will finally host the event it was originally promised over a year ago on Saturday, August 7, 2021. Not only will this be Setlzerland's first visit to New York City, but will also mark the fest's first indoor event.

As for what attendees will find, Cannonball Productions -- which puts on the fest -- says you can expect "the best hard seltzer brands in the land, from iconic national brands to beloved local companies including White Claw, Mike's Hard Lemonade Seltzer, Vizzy, Playamar (Jose Cuervo Seltzer), Basic, and Coors Seltzer." Additionally, the company explains, "Hormel Black Label Bacon will provide brunch bites. Attendees will also indulge in additional mouthwatering munchies and tons of Seltzer swag while busting out the 'gram for epic photoshoots."

"We created Seltzerland to give hard seltzer fans the opportunity to sample new flavors in the most fun way possible. With one-of-a-kind activations, endless swag and brand new seltzer varieties, Seltzerland is a can't miss experience," Cannonball Productions CEO & Founder Kate Levenstien stated. "After 15 events on beautiful golf courses across the country, we are excited to create an urban oasis in the city to share this experience with NYC."

Tickets for the Brooklyn event are currently on sale, starting at $42 a pop for a 2.5 hour session or $62 for a three-hour VIP session that comes with other extras. Tickets can be purchased at

Meanwhile, other cities are continuing to get the golf course version of Seltzerland (doesn't sound like a bad alternative, really) including Washington D.C. on July 17, Boston on July 24, Columbus on August 14, and Denver on September 11.

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