A Boozy Baja Blast Is Joining the Hard Mtn Dew Lineup

But it won’t be served at Taco Bell for now.

Hard MTN DEW Baja Blast
Photo: Courtesy of Hard MTN DEW

Last year, Pepsi and Boston Beer Company (the parent company behind Sam Adams, Truly, and Angry Orchard) announced plans to release Hard Mtn Dew, a new 5-percent ABV spin on the classic Mountain Dew soda brand.

In the wake of hard seltzer, hard soda has been a popular new front — The Coca-Cola-owned brand Fresca just joined the fray earlier this month. But part of what sets Mtn Dew apart is the brand's inability to rest on its laurels. They partner with Frito-Lay to make Flamin' Hot Mtn Dew. They partner with KFC on an exclusive flavor. They partner with Game of Thrones on color-changing cans.

So if you were wondering if Hard Mtn Dew was just another gimmick or an attempt at bringing that Mtn Dew philosophy to a whole new line of beverages, well, that question may have just been answered. Hard Mtn Dew hasn't even been released yet, and they've already added a new variety: Hard Mtn Dew Baja Blast.

Billed as a "surprise" fourth flavor, (the initially announced flavors were Original, Black Cherry, and Watermelon) Hard Baja Blast, is an alcoholic spin on the beloved Mtn Dew variety that began as a Taco Bell exclusive. All four flavors will be available as a 12-can variety pack launching in "a limited number of states" starting next month, according to the brand.

Despite now being available outside of Taco Bell, Baja Blast is forever tied to the chain. And thanks to Taco Bell Cantinas, many locations now serve alcoholic drinks. So the natural question becomes will Hard Baja Blast be available at Taco Bell?

Unfortunately, a spokesperson said that, for now, it won't. The brand is instead focusing on the retail rollout. But they said it could eventually land at the Bell down the line.

Hard MTN DEW lineup including Baja Blast
Courtesy of Hard MTN DEW

Meanwhile, with the release nearing, a few other product details were also announced, including an important clarification: All Hard Mtn Dew products will be caffeine-free, a noteworthy distinction since caffeinated alcopops have proven controversial in the past. Additionally, the 100-calorie cans will feature zero added sugar.

Making a "hard" version of one of their most popular flavors is a bit of a no-brainer; however, PepsiCo and Boston Beer pointed out that there's another interesting connection here: The current president and CEO of Boston Beer, Dave Burwick, was previously PepsiCo's chief marketer back when Baja Blast was created in 2004.

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