Credit: © John Sommers II / Getty Images

It's difficult to imagine a struggling economy when someone has nearly $100,000 to spend on a gorilla-shaped Cheeto. But hey, this is America, where no dream is too big, no goal is too far-fetched and many major purchases on eBay are very stupid.

After 132 bids and the starting price of $11.99, the Harambe-esque, one-and-a-half inch long Flamin' Hot Cheeto sold for $99,000 on Tuesday morning.


Details on the buyer have yet to be disclosed, but needless to say, we're curious to know what happens to the spicy, dusted, puffed cornmeal chip. Will it end it up in a museum? As part of a Harambe memorial? Or in a really, really rich person's belly?

Only time will tell.