By Carey Jones
Updated July 29, 2016
Hangover Cure, Hangover Sausage
Credit: Courtesy of Butcher and the Rye

Where: Butcher and the Rye, Pittsburgh

What: Particularly when paired with egg and cheese, sausage can certainly alleviate your hangover. But chef Dan Carlton goes to another level with the “Sunday Hangover Sausage” — actually made with coffee, whiskey and doughnuts. Carlton gets day-old doughnuts from the 7-11, grinds them together with pork, and adds coffee grounds, a few shots of 100-proof whiskey, and a little bit of black pepper and sage. Plus vanilla, to remind you of that last shot “that you probably shouldn’t have taken.”

Wash it down with: Keep on the coffee-whiskey train with the Salingers Sling: Bulleit Bourbon, Grand Marnier, demerara and coffee bitters.