By Carey Jones
Updated March 17, 2014
Corned beef, meet chorizo
FIG Restaurant

Where: FIG, Santa Monica

What: The hash, as a genre, is a brilliant hangover cure: potatoes and meat and all manner of other carb-y, salty edibles, presented as a fork-ready pile with a runny egg yolk to bind it all together. Corned beef hash is old news, but at FIG, you'll find corned beef and chorizo hash--double the meat, double the fun--with crispy potato strings, Hollandaise, asparagus, and poached eggs.

Wash It Down With: Like it or not, hair of the dog really works. At FIG, you've got options. Try any Bloody Mary, including a distinctive "Guac-a-Mary," with a base of tomatillo, avocado, jalapeño and lime mixed with Casa Noble silver tequila and a mezcal float. The "Kegs and Eggs" for $35 adds unlimited draft beer to any dish. Just remember that you're trying to cure that hangover, not create another.