This invention required some serious DIY cred.
Credit: James A. Guilliam/Getty Images

Already this holiday season we’ve seen a couple fun, officially-approved Oreo devices: an Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set and the Oreo Music Box mini record player. At the same time, the brand has continued to announce new iterations of its cookies at the usual clip. But who even knows what’s going on underground in the mysterious world of Oreo fan creations? If this new video is any indicator: a lot of cool stuff!

This week, YouTuber The Practical Engineer — real name Emiel Noorlander — unveiled how to make his "Hands-free Oreo dispenser" in a six-minute video, and the results are even cooler than they sound. "The idea started as a joke where I thought it would be funny if you could eat Oreos while working with dirty hands," Noorlander explained on his blog. "I started sketching and tried a couple of different ways and figured that it would be the nicest result if you could use your chin to dispense the Oreos."

Yes, you read that right — spoiler alert — this head-high-mounted cookie dispensing device allows Oreo fans to push down with their chin and have a cookie flung directly into their mouths. The result kind of resembles one of those public hand sanitizer stations that offers up Oreos instead of stopping the spread of disease. (Deciding which cause is more important is up to you.)

Still, as awesome as this invention is, making it yourself is extremely involved — meaning, for casual Oreo fans may have more fun watching Noorlander make and demonstrate the dispenser than endeavoring to build one themselves.

However, if you are the handy type and are looking to create an awesome Oreo-themed, holiday present that can’t be found in stores, maybe give building a hands-free Oreo dispenser a shot. That is, of course, if you don’t mind that possibility of giving your loved one the gift of having cut off your fingers with a circular saw instead.