The Carlile Room is paying tribute to Lin Manuel Miranda’s massive Broadway success while the touring company is in town.
Hamilton cookbook
Credit: Nicholas Hunt / Staff / Getty Images

President’s Day is right around the corner and Seattle diners will get to celebrate it Broadway-style, courtesy of one restaurant’s Hamilton-themed menu. Starting Tuesday, February 6, fans of Lin Manuel Miranda’s revered and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical will be able to stop by The Carlile Room to taste its limited-time tribute to the U.S. Secretary.

Situated across the street from the Paramount Theater where Hamilton’s second national tour will play, The Carlile Room’s founding father food spread will feature both special dishes and specialty drinks. While some dish availability is restricted to late night, post-show times, diners will have the chance to try the Lafayette inspired dish “Buns and Nips,” which is steamed mushroom pinch buns and pickled turnips. They can also try their hands (and lips) at the Aaron Burrger, a 1/4 pound of hand-ground chuck, a squishy bun, "America’s cheese" and silver foil with twice-fried "satisfries.' If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, go for the pork belly-centric Battle of Porktown or the “Rise up; A Farmer Beetrooted,” a dish of yeasted potato pancakes, pickled beet caviar, smoked carrot butter and cougar gold.

Are you’re wondering where the edible ode to the show’s main star is? Look no further than the restaurant’s cocktail menu. The “Hamilton Hurricane” features Hamilton Overproof Rum, passion fruit, yuzu, and pomegranate. Other cocktails include the “Dueling Gentleman’s Sidearm,” a mix of applejack, Curacao and walnut bitters and the “NY Delegate”—1776 bourbon, red wine and lemon. You can also try the non-cocktail play on words “My (Jell-O) Shot,” which comes in red, white, and blue colored shots.

It’s not the first time the venue has done a theater and food mash-up menu. Regular Seattle theatergoers may know the James Beard Award winner Tom Douglas’s The Carlile Room for its The King and I, Sound of Music, and Book of Mormon spreads, as well as special menus for Paramount Theater appearances by Snoop Dogg and Neil Degrasse Tyson. Serving a modern American menu and classic seventies-era lounge cocktails, The Carlile Room offers pre- and post-theater service where theater attendees can keep the show going with special snacks and sips.

The Carlile Room (820 Pine St., Seattle, Washington) will offer its Hamilton menu for the show’s Seattle run, which ends on March 18.