Learn how to eat like the Founding Fathers.

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hamilton cookbook
Credit: National Gallery Of Art / Getty Images

American history buffs and fans of the smash hit musical Hamilton are in for a treat this fall: A new cookbook likely inspired by the legions of musical theatre converts that have made Hamilton a modern classic will be released in November.

Called The Hamilton Cookbook, written by Laura Kumin, it claims to take readers and amateur chefs “into Hamilton’s home and to his table, with historical information, recipes, and tips on how you can prepare food and serve the food that our founding fathers enjoyed in their day.”

The book, as you might guess, is focused on Alexander Hamilton himself, as well as Revolutionary War-era meals. It also contains historical information about Hamilton’s favorite foods, and how the meals were served during that time period. The cookbook includes recipes for dishes like fried sausage and apples and gingerbread cake.

Of course, super-fans of the musical have long been creating dishes and throwing dinner parties inspired by Hamilton—and no, that doesn’t mean just drinking a couple bottles of Sam Adams lager. The show has an official cocktail, The Founder’s Fizz, its own beer, and a whole slew of dinner ideas based on the historical figures' lives, including salted-fish because Hamilton was born in the Caribbean. Even children are big Lin-Manuel Miranda fans—one eight-year-old girl insisted on having her birthday party Hamilton-themed.

As NPR reports, Hamilton had something of a food-adjacent background: His mother opened a bodega in 1765 on the island of St. Croix, where she sold salted codfish, apples, butter, flour, and pork. Meanwhile, his wife Eliza probably brought a Dutch influence to the dinner table, preparing meals like smoked bacon and split pea soup. Apparently, the couple also loved ice cream and introduced George and Martha Washington to the dessert.

Kumin’s book might well become the go-to authority on how to eat like the Founding Fathers, but for those people who just want a taste of life as one of the most popular characters musical theatre has ever seen, this book's recipes will probably worth a try, too.