Credit: Photo Composite: © H. Mark Weidman Photography / Alamy; © Con Poulos

You might think you’re cooking from scratch, but you’ve got nothing on the Sandwich Factory in Amsterdam. These Dutch artists have taken the idea of farm to table to its ultimate endpoint, with an entire farm devoted to nothing but making ham-and-cheese sandwiches.

The group grew wheat to grind into flour for bread, milked the cows to make cheese, and even raised pigs that would ultimately be turned into ham. The results are intriguing, if utterly impractical. The project took a year and clocked in at a whopping cost of €35,000 (almost $44,000). In the end, for their efforts, they got to chow down on 350 ham-and-cheese “tostis” (as they call them) at a cost of around $20 per sandwich.

But obviously, being cost-efficient was not their goal. The idea was to get people thinking about what they eat and what really is sustainable. The project’s founder, Sascha Landshoff, told Fast Company: "It's not only about the most ecological, local food, you also need a certain amount of efficiency to feed everyone on the planet.”